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About Us

SwarmBuild is a platform that connects designers, makers and startups to engineers and machine shops working in CNC, 3D printing and laser cutting.


We offer transparency, and support throughout the process. We will connect you to consulting engineers and manufacturers.

Our mission

To be the platform that makes the process of creating your design easier, and as stress free as possible.

How It Works


From a napkin sketch to a 3d model


Engineers get your design production-ready


From 3d printing to CNC to injection molding


Our shipping partners deliver to your doorstep

What our clients say

  • "Swarm Build rocks, they helped bring my dream to life!"

    Alizabeth - Entrepreneur.

  • "The link between manufacturing professionals and entrepreneurs"

    Gerald - Engineer

  • "SwarmBuild is a place for disciplines and concepts to clash and combine, creating groundbreaking products"

    Mark - manufacturer

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